Peter had his 2 month doctor visit today. Most importantly - he's doing extremely well in all facets. Unfortunately, he had to have his 2 month immunizations - 3 total shots. It's not fun to watch an infant experience pain for the first time. Still, he cried for about 30 seconds, Rosalie nursed him and he was asleep.

He actually spoke his first words after that.

"What? That's all you got?"


I'm a terrible parent.

I let my son drink mold.

The apple juice wasn't even that old. And if I didn't notice it when I poured it into his cup, it couldn't have been THAT bad, right?

Well 30 seconds after I gave Vincent his cup and headed back to the kitchen to make my breakfast I hear Rose say "JIM! TAKE THIS AWAY!" Now it wasn't so much that she was shouting at me. It's that she was shouting at the fact that I let mold slip past my eagle eyes. If it's one thing my wife hates, it's mold.

I think he only got one sip down before Rose caught it. Flecks of white in an otherwise delicious cup of organic apple juice. And that's probably the issue - that it was organic. No preservatives = goes bad more quickly. We've finally found the achilles heel in this whole organic thing.

P.S.: That's the last time we buy apple juice. This post shows you how often Vincent chooses it. And Rose and I don't like it anyway.

The moral of this story is that if one is addicted to coffee, one must not provide food or drink for another dependent human being without a couple of sips of said coffee. Motor functions (including eyesight) are not working without it. Gross things may occur.


The Questions

Vincent and I were driving alone together yesterday and he was particularly talkative. He asked a sequence of questions and I followed with responses. Responses have been left out to protect the bored. The questions are the best part.

This was sparked by me pointing out the mechanic's shop where Mommy and Daddy get their cars fixed. Vincent chimed in with "They get WASHED and filled with OIL!" Then the questions:

"What's oil?" (followed by my response)

"What's rain?"

"What's lightning?" (a common question now that summer t-storms are here)

"What's thunder?"

Then the final question in the series...

"What's Mickey's House?" (Meaning Mickey Mouse. Completely unprovoked, unrelated and perfect.)



Fancy Pants (and Shirts)!

I know it's a cliche among parents but the phrase "My child dresses better than I do" applies in this particular case.

Thanks to an Aunt Amy shopping spree, Peter now has a whole new set of fancy duds (photos to come - I don't have access to them from where I am. I'm in a bunker.) On top of that, Vincent got a brand new Donald Duck Pirate t-shirt. The kid loves pirates and Disney stuff so it was a slam dunk on Mommy's part. The crazy thing about the shirt is that when I went to help him put it on, I noticed that not only was it super soft but it was fitted and imprinted with a "Disney Couture" label. DISNEY COUTURE.

I did some research and found that Disney Couture makes kitschy Disney clothing for adults for the most part but must dabble in children's apparel. Now don't think I'm looking for a Disney kickback. I'm merely pointing out how nutso the children's clothing industry is. It also gives me the opportunity to thank all of our super-generous friends and family (Mom-Mom, Aunt Theresa, Nonna...) for making sure that Mommy & Daddy rarely have to think about buying these boys clothes. Thank the stars women like to shop.


Our first pet!

Meet Lizard. Isn't he cute? He's a 100% synthetic Hatchin' Egg Lizard purchased by George at the local book store across the street. He started life as an egg that we kept in water for approximately 20 hours until - surprise - he became a life-sized, spongy plaything! He's currently peeking at me from his Tupperware aquarium. Not only does Vincent love him but he's maybe the best current conversation piece in the house (other than Peter of course).

The name? That's Vincent's doing.

Dad - "What should we name your new lizard, Vincent?"

Vincent - "............Just Lizard."
I sure hope we don't have to flush him someday.


Terror be gone!

I know all of my loyal readers (Are we up to 4 now?) are waiting for me to follow up on Friday's post with a desperate tale of six hours in the trenches with the Brett Boys, covered in strawberry jelly and poop, staring at walls covered in permanent marker and a ceiling dripping with tapioca.

Well guess what? It was easy. Ha! Can you believe it? I started the day scratching notes on little piece of paper but if I were to detail its contents in this post, it would bore you to tears (9:15 - Rose out. 9:45 - Peter awake. 10:00 - Vincent & I do dishes, Peter in papasan.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.) So instead, I'll give you quick highs and lows.

#1 HIGH: I actually got the both of them to take a nap - AT THE SAME TIME. No sh*t. Don't ask me how. And no - there were no sedatives involved, Kevin.

#2 HIGH: Vincent helped me do the dishes. Afterward we gave his "Snow White guys and the dwarfs a bath."

#1 LOW: I pinched Vincent's finger in the DVD cabinet door while feeding Peter. The consoling was a little tricky with the both of them.

#2 LOW: Changing both of their diapers in immediate succession. This one doesn't really count because Rose hadn't left.

So all in all - we all did fine. Nothing blew up. No one threw up. Daddy didn't give up. God save coffee. Sorry I couldn't give you more dirt.


I'm kind of terrified.

I have both of the boys this Saturday. By myself. Rose is starting back to work slowly with a few clients.

T-minus 20 hours until OPERATION DOUBLEBRETT 2007. I guess if she can do it everyday then I can do it for 6 hours, right?

The jury is out. A full report will follow.