Pneumonia = Fun

Poor Vincent has a case of pneumonia. It started as a cold and just got worse over the weekend. He’s not happy about it one bit. He’s kinda tired and annoyed and not eating a whole lot (although he's responding to the medication well). He’s gonna be fine but it’s just so pathetic when a child is sick and doesn’t know why or when he’s going to get better. It must seem like years to him. On top of that, he's got plenty of awesome-tasting medicines to keep him occupied, along with a super cool nebulizer treatment!

From what we understand, it's not super contagious so Peter should be ok. So far, he's his usual chipper self. We're keeping him as far away as possible from his big bro, though.

Not much else to report. Things are....pneumonic. Instead of a depressing photo of a sick Vincent, howzabout a happy self portrait?


Happy Thanksgiving

Chachi Milk and it's staff would like to wish you all the very best this Thanksgiving. We'd also like to remind you, through song, to clean up once you are finished. Even if there's a crazy man yelling "YAAAAAAY" when you do it.

Thank you.


The Negotiator

I don't know if it's the fact that he's now three or if he's always had it in him, but Vincent has become quite the persuasive speaker. There are tons of good examples but I'll elaborate with a transcript of a conversation he and I had recently.

Jim: "Vincent - we have to go to the mall to buy Mom-Mom a birthday present. Are you ready?"

Vincent: "Yeah. Then we'll get some Disney guys."

J: "Uh... I don't think so today, buddy."

V: (getting upset) "But I want tooooo!"

J: "I know you do buddy but you just had a birthday and you've got plenty of Disney guys already."

V: "But I liiike theehhmm!"

J: "So do I but we have to get Mom-Mom a present today."

V: (taking charge, as if planning the trip instead of just asking allows for the acquistion of Disney guys) "First - we'll....go get Mom-Mom a present. Then we'll go to the Disney store, look at the new guys they have there and....buy some....aaaaaand bring them home."

J: "Vincent. We're not going to get any today..."

V: (interrupting with actual whining) "Daaadeee. Iwanttooo. Iliiiikethemmm. (laying head down on the couch)"

J: "You just had a birthday, buddy (trying this tactic again). Maybe we can ask Santa for them."

About 2 minutes pass while Vincent plays with stickers and I read a bit. I'm weakening slowly because he wasn't really whiny during the exchange until the very end. On top of that, Rose took Peter with her overnight to a family baby shower in New Jersey, so this is Super Fun Daddy & Vincent Time. Part of me feels I have to get him something special to commemorate - as silly as that sounds. But I'm really paranoid about spoiling him so it's an internal struggle.

J: "Okay buddy. Let's get our coats on."

V: "......so we can go get some Disney guys."

J: "C'mere buddy. C'mere for a second."

V: (obliging) "Whut?"

J: (opening the figurative door) "Why should we buy you some Disney guys today?"

V: (thinking slowly) "Because. I'm a good boy."

J: (realizing he's just been beaten not only by his three year old son but by his own inner conflict) "Okay. We can get some Disney guys."

Kids: 346, Parents: 0


First First Cousin (Photo)

As promised. See what I mean about the hair? It's astounding.
Photo credit: Auntie Kate


First First Cousin

More babies in the family! On Nov. 6, my sister Maria and her husband Joe welcomed Caroline Louise into the family. She was born with the most hair I've ever seen on a newborn's head in my life. She was 7 lbs., 5 oz. and is doing fantastically well. She officially marks my first time as an uncle, Rose's first as an aunt, and the boys' first times as cousins.

Rose took my camera with her on an overnight trip so I'll post a photo or two in the coming days. Instead, I'll leave you with a good one of Maria with Peter.


2 Kids, 4 Shots

Both of the boys had doctor's appointments last week, which was really, really fun. Good news was that both are doing great. The doctor was even happy with Vincent's weight progress. The bad news was that they needed four shots between them with Peter getting the brunt with three himself.

Afterward, he showed through theatre, what he would like to have done with the administering nurse.



Good times were had by all. Vincent started the day with a parade at school attended not only by Mommy and Peter, but by Mom-Mom and Nonna! He had a posse! We all had a great time trick or treating up and down our street as the Pirate Family. Yep - Rose and I (kind of) dressed up, too. Us = nerds.

*Vincent tapping on people's doors with his hook, then when asked if he's having a good time, going stone cold silent.

*The neighbor giving out "adult treats" (Beers) to all the thirsty parents. He had a cooler at the top of his steps and cups in his mailbox. I know what it sounds like but it was actually pretty subtly done.

*Peter going with us from house to house for a solid hour, which was a solid hour past his bedtime, and not complaining one bit.

*The house that gave out full-sized bars. There's always one and you always remember which one it was.

*Seeing a dude sitting on his front lawn with a super scary clown mask on and darting away before Vincent could see. (WHY MUST YOU PEOPLE DO THIS!!!?? -Ed.)

Regardless, we had a ball.