Peter Wallace Brett

We now have two! Peter was born on Wed., April 25th at 12:07 a.m. (The day before his father turned 30! Thanks for the neon sign, buddy.). He weighed in at 8 lbs., 8 oz. and was 21.5" long. He's healthy, already a great sleeper and has been eating like a champ.

The labor was really good (easy for you to say, Jim) despite that fact that Rose's doctor said "I hate to tell you this, but I really don't think you're in labor." at around 5:30 pm.

Her water broke 4 hours later.

Vincent has been incredibly patient and cute with everything that's been going on and Rosalie is jumping right back in with the constant diaper changes (Did anyone else forget how small and unmanageable newborn diapers were?) as I fumble along with them.

We all couldn't be happier. Thanks to everyone who helped out this past week. Everyone was really unbelieveable.


Extra Innings

As I mentioned, Rose had a doctor's appointment yesterday and although the little guy is reeeally low, he's still hanging in there. So we're going to let him take his time until they call him into the game.

We're officially in extra-innings.


Holding Pattern

Well - today's the official due date for Brett Boy #2. Yep. All that stuff they tell you about 2nd children arriving before their due date most of the time - LIES.

We were pretty active this weekend as well. Went to the playground, the mall, hung out outside. Rose even went over to the gym for an hour and rocked some power squats (250 lbs.!). Still nothing.

Each day I arrive at work to mouths agape simply because I'm arriving at work. "Any word?" "What's going on?" "No baby?". To which I reply: "Nope." "Still waiting." and "Yep - he's right here under the desk."

It's all part of the deal, I guess. At home, every movement, wince, and exhale for that matter gets met with a "You okay?" or a "What's up?" I'm that annoying. She has an appointment today, so I can only predict Rose will say "Listen Doc - can you get this kid moving today so my husband will stop?"

So you'll all hear something soon, we hope. Or not.


First real post.

I wanted to get this going for a couple of reasons.

1. To keep up with the people we don't get to see as often, albeit electronically.

2. With things happening so fast (one 2 1/2 year old son, another one about to join us any second), it'll be kind of cool to document our comings and goings. That way we'll look back and not only have photos, but we'll have pages of my ramblings to sift through.

Fun, huh?

Rose is doing well but is ready to "go." I'm sure you'll all hear once everything happens. Stay on your toes!



This is a test. And a fantastic one at that.