Another Favorite Book

This was a library find that we keep on borrowing and renewing. Mo Willems is a great kids writer. He seems to give his young readers credit for having senses of humor. Not hitting kids over the head with obvious gags, but inbuing real life situations with sweetness and sarcasm.

I'm sure his name isn't new to you. He writes all the Don't Let the Pigeon...books, which are hilarious.

And he blogs! Check him out here - http://mowillemsdoodles.blogspot.com/. Long live the library and Mo Willems.


Green Mountain Week

I'm not gonna do too much talking here. We've finally gone through our Vermont photos and picked some favorites. I will provide captions to guide your journey. And off we go.

The cousins. The boys with cousin John. We have a feeling these three will be causing somewhat of a ruckus in the years to come.

At Shelburne Farms, being introduced to a calf. No they didn't ask to bring it home. The smell of farm animals in person tends to take the novelty away.

On-site learning with Nonna. Did I set this shot up? Maybe. That display was there, though. And yes, it's all varieties of animal poop. Daah Vermont.

Vermont Teddy Bear Factory, takin' in all in. If you're ever in the area, do the tour. It's free for kids and TWO DOLLARS for adults. Yeah yeah, I know the money's in the gift shop but seriously, TWO. DOLLARS.

Chillin' with John, again. Workin' on some chocolate milk.

We were here.

Pete, pointing things out on the muddiest strawberry picking patch ever with cousin Maria. They were delicious when cleaned, although I can't say dirty ones weren't consumed. One or two.
Rose - who had no qualms at all about hopping right into the mud. "We're here. Let's do it!"

Vincent and I, water feet portrait.

He sat here for about 5 seconds. He and John loved the front porch. It was like neither of them had ever seen one before. "Give us some rocks and some bubbles, and we're good. Go on ahead inside."

The daredevil. We're loving his long hair, btw.

Early morning. Pre-coffee, pre-orange juice, pre-happiness.

It looks like he's about to slide into oblivion.
And there you have it. If you can, you have to check out this state in the summer. Tons of stuff to do, great food (and beer), weather. I don't think we can let you stay with our amazing hosts, but you'll do fine on your own. One caveat - nearly every male has a beard. I'm kind of not kidding. Go Vermont!


More Fun with Teeth

I made the mistake last night of telling Vincent about his aforementioned cavity. Yeah - we didn't feel the need to tell him previously because we knew he might be freaked by it.

He was more just concerned about it. "When will it go away?" "When will it fall out?" "Will the dentist have to fill it?" "Will I need a pinchy shot?"

I went the brushing and flossing route in my responses, and I think we'll be fine. He'll be 5 in October. Isn't that when these early ones are supposed to come out? C'mon Tooth Fairy, do your thing!

And if it wasn't for these kids shows talking about how bad cavities are - portraying them as evil, mustachioed demons attacking your body, it wouldn't feel as grave.

Or maybe we should've eased up on the chocolate milk. That too.


Playing with Fire

Please pardon my disappearance. Our trip to Vermont (photos later) coupled with some work craziness has made me nearly catatonic during the hours I'd typically be blogging. With that out of the way, let's talk dental care.

Vincent has had a cavity between his two front teeth (remember all that chocolate milk we had to give him when he was "underweight?") for over a year now. His dentist is reluctant to fill it considering he'll be losing the tooth pretty soon and that procedure can't be fun for a kid as young as Vincent. Instead, he prescribed a steady diet of brushing and flossing and so far, it hasn't gotten any worse.

Recently though, Rose seems to think it has gotten bigger. Which scares me. So tonight we flossed the crap out of it. It doesn't seem to hurt him, so I guess we'll just have to see.

No more Fun Dip before bed, I guess.


Team Summer, Pt. 2

Continuing our search for FCF we've been keeping hella busy lately. The past month has included trips to the Philadelphia Zoo (if you buy a membership, it becomes FCF after two visits!) with Joe, Rachel, buddy John, Zio, Aunt Theresa, Uncle George and Nonna, as well as a weekend at the Jersey Shore with Mom-Mom, Grampa, Aunt Maria, Uncle Joe Caroline, Auntie Kate and Kyle.
Us = jetsetters. Ok, maybe minivansetters.


This Book Rules

Great for teaching colors and the first forays into reading comprehension. Go get it for yer kids. Caldecott winner, too - if you're into that sort of thing.

This was Pete's bridge book into books about excavators, backhoe loaders and cranes - all of which he says with ease to the amazement of the adults around him.

Street Toughs - A Follow-Up

Chief confirmed it yesterday. The "smashed" kid was like 14 and laughing the whole time. Vincent was part of the fun.

So obviously I exploited the situation to comic effect on this here blog, but I think I need to relax a little bit.

Just in general.