How I haven't written about these two pillars of our family life yet, I don't know. Blankie and Paci. Otherwise known as "Blankiepaci." They've nearly been as big a part of our family as our family itself over the past three years.

Immediately upon arriving on Earth, Peter developed a fierce attachment to both. For a while, they went with him everywhere. Now they're pretty much relegated to naptime and bedtime. Blankie is given a bit more leeway than Paci since, well, Paci should really be moseying on by this point. We've given him a reprieve. Pretty soon he'll be given away to the boys' new cousin, Joseph (lucky you, Joseph!) and the dependence will cease - just like that, right? Isn't that how it works?

Blankie can stay around forever. I mean, it's getting crazy ragged at this point but it keeps hanging in there. Pete has even taken to brushing it's loose threads every so softly across his formidable cheeks for comfort. How can we take that away?

So world, meet B&P. The fellas behind the scenes holding up one of our lead characters - until the fateful day when the safety net is pulled back and he's left on his own to swing across the stage.

Ok wait. How did I get here? No more blogging late at night anymore. I need my Paci.


Summer's First Harvest

Our first homegrown produce! It worked! The time and work paid off! We get to eat....oh....it's lettuce. Oh well. The exotic zucchini and Swiss Chard will be ready soon. For now, let's pop this onto some tacos and raise a toast to sustainability! And lettuce!



Ok, so I know over 18,000,000 people have seen this, but it's worth seeing again. The PS22 Chorus is a group of 5th graders at a public school in Staten Island that have had their renditions of pop songs displayed for all to see on the ol' internets. Normally, this would seem a little exploitative. But then you watch it and you get it. These kids are not messing around. They've had this amazing environment created for them where they're completely unafraid. No fear of embarrasment or ridicule. They're singing (and sometimes dancing) their hearts out and not giving a lick.

My good buddy Jason introduced me to this (I'm #18,000,001) after saying, "With all the terrible s**t in the world, this may have just restored my faith in humanity." I totally agree.

It reminds me of the Langley Schools Music Project that my friend Scott introduced me to years ago. This is basically the digital age version of that. Where the Langley stuff stayed obscure save for a few music geeks passing it along over time, the PS22 Chorus blew up with the help of YouTube. I think there's value in both.

For now, enjoy their version of Phoenix's "Lisztomania" - one of the best songs from one of my favorite records in a long time.

And if you've seen it all before, good for you. Watch it again.


Self Portrait

Photo of the Moment. Self portrait on the bus ride home from a school trip to the Norristown Zoo.


Little Bear: Zen or Evil?

What is it about this little Canadian fella? He's long been a TV staple in our house. At first, it went against our young, hipster parent credo. It wasn't oddball enough. Or terribly fun. I mean, it's just about a little bear who lives with his Mother Bear and Father Bear (who always wears a 3 piece suit with pocket watch, even while fishing) and plays with his friends, aptly named Duck, Owl, Cat, etc. He has little adventures through the wilderness but never encounters any real danger or challenge.

He just...is.

Vincent has always loved it. No matter how crazy the day, we could always put an episode on (divided into three, eight minute vignettes) and eight minutes later, he's totally mellowed out, breathing deeply and ready for bed.

Peter didn't take to it at first but he didn't really take to any TV. It wasn't until about 6 or 8 months ago that the same thing started happening to him. Same blank stare. Same zen-like trance.

There are times it happens to Rosalie and I, too. Originally, I chalked it up to the pastoral, classical soundtrack. Not to mention, we were usually watching it around 8pm when we'd both be ready for an evening nap.

But I think there's something more to it. I think the creators have something going on. Some kind of bad Juju disguised as zen. Pretty soon, we'll all be enveloped in one of Little Bear's adventures, watching him scamper about through the woods and BAM, there are paratroopers breaking through our windows, ET-style.

What are they after? I dunno. Haven't thought that far ahead yet. I just know something's up. A little bear told me.