Fudgsicle Soup

The boys cracked each other up tonight making some "fudgsicle soup." It started innocently enough, with the boys...well...eating fudgsicles. Then Vincent rubs it on his nose to get a laugh, Pete follows suit and the next thing you know, it's in both of their hair, on their clothes and bowls are swinging all over the table.

Meanwhile, instead of stopping it, Daddy's reaching for the camera to put the episode on his blog because it's hilarious. I only wish I could've captured Peter laughing at his hardest. You get a bit of it here but there was a point when he couldn't catch his breath.

Ah to be young and sugared.


The OC

It's taken us a couple of weeks to go through our photos from Ocean City. Well, we've done it and here they are. I'll save commentary for my captions below.

Pete and I had an early morning one day on the beach. Early enough that I didn't think I needed to change him out of his PJs. I was wrong.

Speaking of mornings, here they are feeding some intense seagulls.
I have a tattoo. Whatevs.
Love this one. Grampa and Uncle Joe trying to get the kite to work with Vincent looking on intently.
I'm Caroline. I like Cheese Doodles. This is how I eat them.

Look closely and you'll see yours truly playing backseat police helicopter driver.

The seagull feeding morning. On watch.

Love this one. Blankie & Paci making an appearance with Mommy.

Blurry buddies.
I have a thing for taking pictures of shoes. Why?
The Karate Kid.
Vincent wore this through the entire first two days. On the beach and everything. Super Why.

With Auntie Kate. And Super Why.


The Experiment Begins

I came home yesterday to a dismantled crib and Vincent saying, "Pete's new bed is ready!"

Rosalie and I have been saying he needs his own bed for weeks now. He wakes up multiple times in the night bonking into the top or the sides. His pacifier (yep - still has it) falls out. He's two. It's time. So we were gifted a hand-me-down full-sized bed from our good friends Erick & Ellen and my wife took it upon herself to make it happen yesterday. By herself with two kids no less. She's a superhero. My only contribution was bringing the mattress upstairs.

Our plan, as it has been all along, was to put Peter's bed directly next to Vincent's. Meaning, no space between them. That way, Vincent can climb into Pete's bed if he wants and vice versa. Leaving Mommy & Daddy happily rested and content for all times.

Night 1 - not so much.

Not that we expected that but there was indeed some screaming involved. Pete wasn't used to it so he was crying. His crying woke Vincent up and made him cry. Both wanted us to stay with them. To their credit (and ours) though, we made them deal with it. We tucked them both back in, sat for a couple of minutes, then left. And it seemed to work. Part of that could have been how incredibly exhausted they both were (Vincent woke up around 6:15 to see me off to work) but we're proud of them. Let's see how Night 2 goes.

Oh - I know I've used the word, "experiment" in the title, implying that if this doesn't "work" we'll somehow change the plan or abandon it.

That would be an incorrect use of the word. It's going to work. Right?


Photos of the Moment

Have there been more fireflies this summer? Maybe they're just more of a focus now that the boys are old enough to watch and catch 'em. The photo of Pete is blurry but I just love that dusky quality. He's trying his damndest to catch one. Just like Grampa below, who may have stepped in something while putting said firefly in a jar.


Vincent's Photo Journal

A few weeks back, Vincent pushed and prodded me to use the camera. He wanted to take pictures of the backyard. I gave him a handful of rules (hold it with two hands, keep the cord around your wrist, etc.) and he was off.
I have to say, he took some really nice shots for a four year old. There are 30 or so and they really form a nice collection piece. Here are some highlights. Ansel Adams over here.