Happy Birthday, Peter Wallace.

Our man Pete turns 2 today! Hard to believe, right? This here blog started a couple of days before he was born. You don't need me to tell you what he wants for his birthday. TRAINS! CAKE! TRAINS AND CAKE!

Strasburg Railroad, here we come. For now, enjoy some photos of his party last weekend. After spending some time with the Virginio family, a slew of our favorite people joined the Celebration of Peter, 2009. Best moment, when Peter asked to have a second piece of cake. Why was that funny? Because he wanted us all to sing again. And light candles again. And make more wishes. Then eat more cake.
Happy birthday, Peter Wallace. You can have as many pieces as you want, buddy.Vincent was the definition of a big brother. He actually enjoyed seeing Pete enjoying himself. Unprecedented.
Is it more Amtrak or Septa? Let's go with Amtrak - probably tastes better.

"Havinsumsalsa, Uncle George."
The celebration crew, or a portion of it, with our star at the center.


Minivan Blues

There are certain clich├ęd “marks of parenthood” that a lot of parents have difficulty committing to. Parenthood itself is certainly one. Turning your home office into a nursery. Your family room into a playroom. The backseat of your car into a trashcan.

So when it comes to the things you have some control over, you hold on even tighter. Like buying a minivan.

Not to toot my own horn here but I was ready for one three years ago. I was sick of cramming the three of us (at that point) and our stuff into a sedan for long roadtrips. I knew the family would be expanding so I figured – let’s get rid of any semblance of cool right now. Let’s do this thing. On top of that, I had been broken in my 20s when playing in a six-piece band that had no money for a real van. The used New Yorker I had been driving at the time died its final death and I traded in my balls for a 1990 Dodge Caravan - that I not only drove to shows but to college.

So yeah, I was fine with it. Rosalie, on the other hand, was not. So we leased a small Toyota Highlander and crammed ourselves into it for 3 more years.

Until two weeks ago when she finally caved and joined the team. We are now the proud 56 month leasers of a new Toyota Sienna. Yeah – that is a long time, pal. Youbetcherassitis.

The boys love the thing. Not only is it new but they can walk around in it like it’s a house. Because it kind of is. 15 cup holders (!), tray tables, an automatic door, room for 68, 2 glove boxes (I mean, really) and 6 nasty, badass cylinders. No DVD player, though. We’re on a budget here, people.

I think Rose likes it. She seems fine with it. She’ll see the real value when we’re headed to the Shore or Vermont and the boys’ knees aren’t against their chests because there just wasn’t room for the stroller anywhere else and strapping it to the roof isn’t an option because of the one time it almost flew off on 95.

Yeah – I think she’ll come around.


Photo of the Moment

There are a handful of topics I could write about now, but I need to sort them out a bit. On top of that, it's Sunday night and I'm kinda tired. So for now, I'll give you this awesome photo of Peter. About to turn 2, he's a joyful blur. I happened to capture him hiding from us behind the front door here. Just Pete being Pete.


Major League

Some good friends of mine produce, write, direct, strategize, magnetize, massage, digest and breathe an online TV series called The League. Why am I telling you this? Yeah, I know it's got nothing to do with photos of my kids. Here's why:

1.) It's really funny and really well done.
2.) It's popular. Thousands and thousands of views popular.
3.) It's credentialized. As in "Business Week's Best of the Web, 2008" in the humor category.
4.) Season 2 just started last night with a live premiere that I couldn't attend making me feel terrible.
5.) My friends make it.

Oh, right - the plot. That's for you to figure out when you watch from the beginning, but it involves hitmen, pickles, magicians, clowns, nuns and all the usual fun TV subjects. Watch it here.

So pull up the old laptop, cozy up and enjoy. Just don't watch it at work. Or when kids are around. Or nuns.


Backyard Chronicles

Oh hell yes. A temperate weekend! Below are photos from our YOU JUST TRY AND KEEP US INSIDE, JERK weekend, 2009.

Can you do this? Didn't think so. Um...can you help me down?

He swore he saw some kind of bug under this tree. I don't doubt him. It could've been Boogies.
The cover photo for his indie folk debut, Exton in March. Go ahead and see what happens if you try to help me.
Dear Spring,
I love you.
Your best friend,
Chachi Milk