The birthday cake progression.

Photo #1: Wait. I can eat this? By myself?


Photo#3: What. Did. I. Just. Do.

Photo#4: Where's the presents?


Peter is 1!

(Peter leaving a year behind him...)

Our littlest man is a year old today. It's a cliche, but I both can and can't believe it's been a whole year. To commemorate, I've decided to post a list of firsts that Peter has experienced over the past 366 (leap year) days. Permission has been granted by his publicist.

*First view of sunlight
*First taste of milk - boob, formulaic, whole, chachi or otherwise
*First splash of water on his face (He loves it, unlike his big bro.)
*First fever/coughing fit (It took 11 months and 2 weeks for this one.)
*First headfirst dive out of the bathtub (For real. He was fine.)
*First time hearing music.
*First time making music (Vincent's guitar, drums, a plastic spoon on the floor. I even consider slamming a toy on the play-table music. Hey, it's percussive!)
*First time hearing the vaccuum. (Maybe his one, true fear.)
*First taste of hummus - the greatest food ever.
*First laughter at the sound of (fake) flatulence. Gotta love the classics.
*First laughter at the old "stinky feet" bit.
*First spoken word - take your pick of "Dindin, Dada, Mimmm."
*First dance to the sound of "Hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog!"
*First sand between his toes.
*First time finding his own...er....you know. Also just a couple of weeks ago...for those curious.
*First look of love upon his blue blanket.
*First red-face-inducing neck squeeze (read: hug) from his bro.
*First, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth.... taste of Bell & Evans Chicken Fingers, the other greatest food ever.
*First time waking up facedown in a completely different part of the crib from where he was put down, crying loudly for 2 full seconds, then falling back asleep soundly.
*First steps. And he never turned back.

So we're raising our glasses of chachi milk and toasting another year of firsts. Or seconds. Whichever you prefer.

Our man Sweet Pete is 1!


Overpowering Cuteness

An excerpt from a conversation between Vincent, Auntie Kate, and Mom-Mom that took place on Friday, April 18, 2008. It's moments like this that lead me to believe children are actually against us. They secretly deal in the power of cuteness that will eventually melt our parental resolve thus allowing unlimited candy, Disney guys, and down the line - automobiles and video game systems. Evidence? Read on.

Mom Mom: Auntie Kate has to go now.
Vincent: Why?
Auntie Kate: I have to go to the Doctor.
V: How come?
AK: Because I need a check up.
V: Are you sick?
AK: No, she's just going to look at me.
V: Does anything feel....not good?
AK: No, I'm ok cuteness.
MM: Do you think she'll have to get a pinchy?
V: (nods) Are you gonna cry?
AK: I hope not!

MM: Well you better give her a big hug and kiss goodbye.
V: (hugs and kisses Auntie Kate)
MM: I bet that will make her happy all day!

V: I bet that will make her happy when she gets her pinchy so she doesn't cry!

They're out to get us. You've been warned.




Today marks the 1 Year Anniversary of your favorite blog, Chachi Milk*. What started as a simple record of one family's remarkable and unremarkable activities has grown into a worldwide phenomenon.

Translated into 27 languages, Chachi Milk* has really outgrown its offices. So look for us to add staff and resources in the upcoming months (no - this doesn't mean we're having another child.). I know many of you liked the personal, folksy aspect of this blog but unfortunately, things have to change.

That being said, we have an amazing lineup of new features to unveil for you. Live chat features with the stars of Chachi Milk*, public appearances, a TV network, streaming video, a Barbara Walters interview...I could go on.

Let's just say Chachi Milk, Inc*. is going to become your one true entertainment destination. Throw out your TV, radio, microfilm player, laser disc collection and that dusty old stack of books. Chachi Milk* IS Entertainment!

*Brought to you by rich, chocolatey Ovaltine.


The Frat Boy

Lately, we've taken to calling Peter our little frat boy. We really have no reasoning for it other than the way he eats and drinks tends to be rather...commanding.

So while not intended to insult any of our fraternal friends, this video pretty much sums up what I'm talking about. The guttural noises, the slamming back of the cup, the portion that ends up on his shirt. It's a complete portrait in about 18 seconds.


Wonka vs. Wonka

It’s been an all-out battle royale lately in our house over which version of the Willy Wonka story is better. Vincent has enjoyed the 1971 masterpiece (Yep – I said it. And no, we haven't read the book. We should. We know. Alright, already.) Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, starring Gene Wilder, for some time now. He’s into anything with sets of characters – Disney guys, Wizard of Oz, and now, good old Willy.

Aunt Amy and Uncle Will introduced him to the 2005 version – Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, a month or so ago and it was on TV this past weekend, so we checked it out. You know, a fresh perspective.

I for one, am not as big a fan of it as the ’71 film for several reasons. Johnny Depp, who’s still great, seems to play Willy from more of an unstable place that doesn’t do it for me. Gene Wilder is too ingrained in me, I guess. He was somewhat cuckoo, but still in control of his environment. I’m also not a fan of the Tim Burtonization of everything. The heavy, dark chrome factory is fun to look at but too heavy-handed in my opinion. Again, I’m probably too fond of the first to be truly nonbiased.

But enough about me.

Vincent seems to love the darker, creepier version as much as the older one. He’s got no problem with the melting dolls when the kids get introduced to Wonka (crazy, by the way.). He’s too young to reference Johnny Depp’s persona against Michael Jackson. And he doesn’t care that the oompa loompas look nothing like they do in the original. I mean, he asked questions at first but was satisfied with, “It’s just a different movie so they look different.”

I envy his ability to just enjoy each on it's own merit. "Yeah, Dad - I get it. They're different but they're the same. It's not that difficult."
Just another cool thing about being a kid - orange skin or not, all oompa loompas are the same, even if they're different. I think there's a life lesson in there.


Done and done.

If you can believe it, our house is now technically under contract. 4 different people looked at it over 4 days and one made us the offer we wanted.

Crazy, right? Now there are contingencies that need to be cleared but over the next 6 weeks, we're on the fast track to closing up shop. We can't believe how quickly everything went.

Here's my interpretation of the course of events leading to the sale (based on contingencies) of our first house:

Day 1: "We really need more space. Maybe we should think about selling the house."

Day 2: "House sold."
Or at least that's what it felt like. I actually saw my wife get stressed out for more than 5 minutes, which was interesting. Usually that's my job. Good thing I dropped into a fugue state over the past week to deal with the life-changingness of it all.

D'aaah fugue states.

Now you're probably wondering what our new house looks like. Well...so are we! We've just begun sorting through the listings and figuring our our options. If it takes even three times as long as it took for our house to sell (based on contingencies), we'll be flying high.