You Say Chachi and I Say Chocky

I don't believe I ever explained where the name of your favorite blog came from. Here goes, so keep up.

Around the time I started writing it, one of Vincent's favorite beverages (still remains a favorite) was chocolate milk. Being 2 years old, he called it, "chachi milk." Pronounced like the Happy Days character. As in Joanie loves.

At the time, he was asking for it maybe 54 times a day so after being inspired by my friend Scott's blog, but not having a title in mind, I went with "chachi milk." Just idiosyncratic and silly enough to work.

Well of course, now that Peter is nearly two, possessing of advanced language skills and a lover of that revered beverage, we've got an alternate pronunciation. "Chocky milk." As in, rhymes with "Rocky silk."

What's a guy to do? Vincent has long since dropped his original pronunciation so "chocky milk" is really top of mind. I mean, Pete says it maybe 89 times a day. Example:

Me: "What do you want to drink, Peter?"

Peter: "Chocky milk."

Me: "Let's have something different. It's getting late and that has a lot of sugar."

P: (unwavering yet matter-of-factly) "Chocky milk."

Me: "How about plain milk?"


You see what I mean. Is this the end of an era? You decide.

Seriously. You decide for me. I can't.



Crazy busy day at work but I had to post this before I forgot about it.

My Mom (Mom-Mom) watches the boys all day Friday, bless her heart. They love their time with her and she always finds creative ways to occupy them. As I've mentioned before, Vincent currently has a deep and abiding love for costumes of all kinds. As I've also mentioned before, Vincent currently has a deep and abiding love for the story of Peter Pan.

You put those things together and you've hit gold, Jerry.

So I checked in today to see how they were all doing and my Mom mentioned that they had just arrived home from the Christmas Tree Shop - someplace I've never been but have heard all about. She said, "They had wings we had to buy." As in costume wings. As in something that can make a 4 year old boy fly in his imagination, just like Peter Pan.

Then she relayed that on the way home, Vincent said, "Mom-Mom, now my dream can come true." To which she replied, "What dream, Vincent?

"Now I can fly."


Drumming & Cooking

During the past couple of Saturday mornings, the boys and I have been searching for fun things to do in the house while it's 18 degrees outside. Sure - we go out to get soft pretzels or to hit the library but a lot of time is spent in the house. A LOT.

What have we discovered? That storage bins not only make amazingly fun and loud drums when hit with kitchen utensils, but they're perfect platforms for pretend cooking. Sometimes simultaneously.

One second, Peter will be making "chockit pie," the next, he's pounding out a four on the floor.
Me, I sip my coffee and enjoy the cacophony.


Conversation with Pete

This is Pete. The real Pete. I could record 40 videos like this daily.

By the way, his favorite descriptor is "orange." When asked what type of anything he's talking about - movies, food, cars - they're always "orange." It's the best.


Making the Rules

Rosalie relayed the following conversation she had with Vincent yesterday.

Vincent: Why did Cristy (the woman who cuts our hair) move to another haircutting place?

Rosalie: She started her own place.

V: Why?

R: So she could be the boss and make the rules.

V: She makes all the rules?

R: Yep.

V: Like you and Daddy make the rules at home?

R: Yep - just like that.


V: Someday I'll have my own house. So I can make the rules.

R: Oh yeah?

V: Yep. When I'm older. It'll be my own house.


V: With Pete. Me and Pete.

Conclusion: My sons plan on living together forever. As long as Vincent can make the rules.


Christmas in VT

The second half of our holidays were spent in rural Vermont with Aunt Theresa, Zio, Joe, Rachel, John, Maria, Mike, Nonna, Uncle George, Amy, Will, Meadow, Bert, Ernie, Clarence, Rube, Knuckles, Stefan and one persistent stomach virus.

The boys really had a great time with everyone and were excited not to just have boring old Mommy & Daddy to hang with. I mean, not only was there another awesome little guy, a dog, a Nonna, all the most delicious food you could eat, the smell of burning firewood, a blogger who should never pretend in a million years that he can ski, a rugged female Russian ski instructor from New Jersey, and a real-life Englishman, there was two feet of fresh snow on the ground!

And you know how some snow is perfect for snowmen and some is just plain useless? This snow was truly the former. I mean check out the snowman below that Vincent, Maria and I built. We should enter that thing in a contest. My new occupation = Professional Snowperson Architect.

It was pretty flippin' great up there. Hopefully you've enjoyed the photos of our holiday travels. It's time to turn the page and see what 2009 has in store. Unless you'd like to suggest other places we can go to extend our holidays even further. My new employer will be cool with me taking leave after 3 months, right?