The Lip Whistler

What? These are my real lips. And yes, they whistle. What of it?


Three Years

As all parents say, it's hard to believe our child is another year older. But alas, Pete is three today. We had his party a couple of weeks ago, so I figured I'd share some highlights to commemorate the smiliest, loudest, funniest (that's a shared title) kid around.
Happy Birthday, kid.
"Ok, Dad. I'll show you my pretzel. If it'll make you happy that you have a good shot for Chachi Milk. You got it."

With Auntie Kate, eyeing up Caroline's drink even though he most likely has the exact same thing.

One of the rare, shy moments so far in his three years. "Wait - I love cake and all but I really don't need thirty people singing, clapping, staring and waiting for me to make this fire go away."

Before the wreckage.


Photo of the Moment

Easter Sunday. Two college professors preparing for a morning on the town. Calling upon the author to explain his/her opinion on the Ressurrection, the importance of lillies and just why marshmallow Peeps are so delicious.


Guessing Game

While managing bedtime tonight, I told Pete that we'd be taking him someplace special for his third birthday this weekend. It's still a secret but he wanted to guess, so I let him.

Guess #1: "Milky Way Farm?"
Good guess, but no. Too routine for us.

Guess #2...


Nope. But awesome nonetheless.

God I love these kids.


Itchy & Scratchy

As parents, we have to tread carefully with changes in personal appearance. Our kids' images of us are kind of fixed. They're comfortable knowing that Mommy and Daddy look like Mommy and Daddy. Get a wonky haircut, braces or a face tattoo and it throws it all off.

With that in mind, I grew a beard. Aaaand it's part of a contest.

I know. I know.

At least it's work-related, right? 18 of us are doing it and I stand a pretty good chance in the color category for my ginger-hued whiskers. Still - it wasn't an easy sell. It kind of went like this:

Me: "Hey guys, should I grow a beard?"

V&P: (unison) "No."

Me: "Why not?"

V: "Because."

Me: "Because why?"

V: "It'll be scratchy."
P: (1 second later) "It'll be scratchy."

Me: (hoping, reaching) "Maybe I'll look like Obi-Wan!!"

V: (pause) "No."

Me: "You don't think so?"

V: "It'll be scratchy."

Lesson learned. Don't mess with what you look like. At least a beard happens gradually. They'll be able to track its progress daily, along with its scratchiness. And I look forward to their feedback. I figured the more I hammer home the Star Wars connection, the better my chances are.

These padawans will learn yet.