The Squirrel Feeder

This isn’t an uncommon sight.

In fact, it’s become a daily occurrence just outside of our kitchen window. Not only do we have several different bird species making our humble birdfeeder their daily breakfast, lunch & dinner stop, but we have a couple of brazen squirrels on the scene as well. They climb up the tree, out onto the branch and suspend themselves, sometimes upside down, in such a way as to tip birdseed into their mouths or down to a waiting accomplice below.

The boys like watching them as much as they like scaring them away. It’s only a couple of minutes before they’re back performing their stunts. I wonder if I can train them and put on shows around the neighborhood. Involving the boys would make it even more lucrative – two cute kids and two (sometimes three) acrobatic, fearless woodland creatures. There’s something there.

In this economic climate, the little buggers have to do something to earn their keep.

The squirrels, that is.


Climbing Up the Walls

This doesn't need much explaining. Vincent can now climb the walls. And door frames. This is about two weeks old and since then, he's reached the very top before realizing it's a little high to jump down on his own. That's where we come in. It's really impressive to watch, actually. I don't think I've seen a kid do this.

Rose likens him to the banana tree dudes.

As you can see, it's only a matter of time before his brother follows in his adhesive footsteps.


Pictures? No. Penises? Yes.

I'm sorry but my father-in-law (the oft-mentioned "Chief") has borrowed my home computer for a few days, thus leaving me photoless. Are you mad? You come here to see photos of my kids. I won't kid myself. Sure, the writing entertains from time to time but that's not the hook.

Soo....what should we talk about? Oh yeah - penises.

Pete is discovering the wonders of his own...um...situation. And his brother's. He finds his own in the tub, feels around a bit, laughs. You know the deal. Like any man. And if Vincent leaves himself unguarded for a few seconds?
Pete just doesn't know the barriers yet. He's learning. Speaking of which, here's a conversation we all had just the other night:
Pete (getting his diaper changed): "Pieshy! (Italian colloquialism for penis).
Me: "Yep. That's your peishy."
Pete: "Vincent have pieshy. Peter have pieshy. Daddy have pieshy. Mommy have pieshy."
Me: "No Peter, Mommy doesn't have one."
Pete: "Buy one."
Me: "Buy a pieshy?"
Pete: "Yeah. For Mommy."
Me, feeling awkward: "Um. Where do we buy one, Peter?"
Vincent overhearing, mockingly: "The Pieshy Store, Pete?! The Pieshy Store! (laughing)"
Me: sigh
Yep. We're raising two boys.


The Ladybug Moment

Taking advantage of the mild weather last weekend, I took an hour or so to bag up some of the remaining leaves in our yard. Yes, they’re still there, thawing out. But that’s not what this is about.

Vincent joined me outside while Pete was napping and set out to helping me. What typically happens during this process is when I get a bag nearly full, I call out for some “stomping help.” One of the boys runs over, I pick him up and use his body as a flattening device, holding him and jumping him up and down on top of the leaves. They love it and it’s productive!
We had done this a few times when, getting back to the pile itself, I spot a ladybug. I call Vincent over and after some very gentle fumbling, we get her (they can’t all be female but for the sake of simplicity, we referred to it as a she) onto Vincent’s hand. She slowly crawls around, up his arm, onto the front of his shirt and he’s super excited.
I ask him what we should name her and after a moment of thoughtful deliberation, he says, “Boogies.”
“Boogies the ladybug?” I ask.
So he runs inside to show Rose his new friend, losing her and gently picking her back up (safely) in the process. Later he comes back out with Boogies and says he’s going to place her on a tree to live. He asks if he’ll be able to come out and see her everyday to which I reply that she may fly away to eat and see her family but that he’ll probably see other ladybugs again as Spring gets closer.
This satisfies him and he’s off to the swingset, leaving me to the leaves.
I’m recounting this story because although it was such a small moment, it was something I want to remember. I don’t know that years from now, I would have - had I not written it down. As our days and commutes get longer, I’m constantly trying to make the most of my time with the boys – enjoying little things like this.
So Boogies the Ladybug, wherever you are…Cheers.



Weird little oddity of late - Peter and Vincent enjoy walking around with beach buckets on their heads. For like a long time.

This activity is typically accompanied by the chant, "Buuucket. Heeeaaad. Buuucket. Heeaddd."

They even have different sized buckets for their individual noggins. Although, if they take after their father, they're both gonna need an XXL before long. And they're possessive about it. If Vincent takes Peter's bucket, he'll be met with a, "MY BUCKET HEAD! MY BUCKETHEAAAD!"

Is this activity a product of winter's stronghold on the mid-Atlantic?

Most assuredly so.

It's still awesome, though.


Buddies and Puppies

Recently, the boys had a great visit from their cousin John (along with their cousins Joe & Rachel). John is about 8 months younger than Pete, so it was interesting to see how they interacted. There was certainly a lot of jealousy on Pete's part, (WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO PLAY WITH MY TOYS, DUDE?!) but the two learned to hang out in peace over the course of a weekend.
Nearly as fun as John was his pet Jack Russell, Meadow. Vincent and Peter dug having the little rascal around, hopping onto their laps, licking their faces, acting as a punching bag. I know, it sounds worse than it was. Pete liked Meadow SO MUCH that he just had to bop her a few times.
No harm done. We hope they come back!


Answer Key

Pencils down. You've all had ample time. Your answers are below.

1. Crucifix in socket - b. Peter.
2. Nerds distribution - d. both a & b
3. Elevator escape - d. Vincent
4. Hurling crackers - b. Peter
5. Farting & laughing - a. Peter
6. Fountain - b. Vincent
7. Drywall excavation - d. Peter
8. Sleeping - d. Vincent

How'd you do? Interesting that many of you thought the list belonged solely to Pete. That doesn't say much for how I've painted him here. Poor Pete.