Two Great Tastes

I'm traveling for work at the moment so all of my anecdotes are second hand. That doesn't make them any less great. Here's one for you:

Today, Peter poured half a jug of (pure) maple syrup (expensive) into a container of Nesquik.

My poor wife was outside shoveling snow for a brief moment and noticed Pete left her sight for maaaaybe thirty seconds. She walked inside to check on him and found the amber, choco-sugary evidence.

Needless to say, a long talk was had.

I'm not joking when I say I wish I was home.


Photo of the Moment - Winter Pete

There's nothing about this photo I don't love. It's a perfect winter snapshot. The chilly, red nose that's probably running. The sleepy eyes. The flat, static-clung hair. The barely visible pacifier rash around his mouth. The partially unbuttoned PJs - a very common style in our house. Almost as common as the complete lack of clothing fad of 2004-present. And finally - the expression. One part mischievous, one part satisfaction, one part tolerance of his photographer.

The kid does so much with one quick portrait.


So We Got a Little Snow

If you're not from this area and you've heard about the historic East Coast storm - believe every word. 28" over the weekend followed by another 15" or so today. So yeah - my shoveling muscles are huge (read: painful). If you are from this area - can you believe this?

The boys haven't been affected by it too much. It was a bit too blizzardy today but we were able to play in it over the weekend. It was our own Ice Planet Hoth, complete with snow fort, clandestine searches for stormtroopers and a generous diet of snow. That's why you see the photo of Vincent with the towel. They needed something to dry off their frozen mouths following their gluttonous, icy meal.

I still kind of love it. I've always loved snow. Shoveling? Sure. Wearing a ski hat 24/7? I'm in. Working from home? Check. So bring it on Jack, we can handle it. We're tough here. Although the cabin fever is starting to get a little out of hand. I came upstairs from the basement/my home office this afternoon to the sight of Peter peeling off a Cowardly Lion costume with nothing underneath but what God gave him. Upon asking Rose what was going on, she replied, "He's Chewbacca. Vincent's Han. They're hunting down stormtroopers."
Apparently, Chewy is naked under his fur. Who knew?