Sweet Tooth

I know I owe you all some great first week of school photos. I'll get to them. For now though, you have to check this out. Take 4:32 out of your day. It's a song the boys have been loving since the first time I played it for them. "Put on the candy bar song" they say. While it's not written for kids, I've found that very early country or Texas swing songs or songs inspired by them, are great for the boys. There's a bounce and a clarity they love. David Rawlings and Gillian Welch are maybe the best purveyors of that sound right now.

For my musician friends and music appreciators, check out the guitar solo at the 1:30 mark. It's truly astonishing. For you lyric-centric folks, don't listen to the entire metaphor, or you'll suss out pretty quickly that it's a reference to a different kind of sweet tooth, but it's buried so deeply that the kids won't know until they're about 13 or so.

Final note - the crowd in this video might be the best audience in the history of audiences. The hang onto every. single. word. They laugh at the jokes, clap for the solo. They get it. Even though the video cuts out after awhile, this is the best version on YouTube for that reason.

So put on the candy bar song. You deserve it.

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We are Houserspawn(tm). said...


The Dave Rawlings CD was in heavy rotation at our place when it first came out.

But the tune that gets my kids' attention is the cover of the Dead's Monkey and the Engineer.

Glad to know there are other kids being raised on tunes like these.