It's School Time

The first day of school still feels so big, doesn't it? Rose and I actually felt kind of nervous this year. It was a big one - Vincent in full day kindergarten, riding the bus, wearing a uniform. It feels so much older than a 5 year old. And Peter's first day of Pre-K. His first time out of the house alone, without his brother. Ever.

Turns out, they were ready.

The duo on Vincent's first day, ready to take on the world.

Determined. Marching toward the bus stop. The wind at his back. Jedis on his back.

This one is a killer. We weren't going to be those parents taking a picture of their kid on the bus. We weren't until Bus Driver Carol said, "If you have a camera, go ahead and take a picture." So I couldn't resist. His face is amazing. 50% terror, 50% determination. He had some bus buddies to help him through it. He's loved it ever since.

Big Pete, ready to go. He was all for it. A few separation-induced tears when he stepped into the classroom, but after some curt prompting by his teacher ("Go. Just go. He'll be fine.") he did great.

"Cheeese. Ok, great. Now let's go to school, Mom. You and me. You're staying, right? Can you be the teacher? C'mon - it'll be fun. We get juice and crackers. And we have circle time. C'mon, Mom...."

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